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We provide training curses and programs for those who wish to become Early Childhood STEM Education Teachers (ages 2-9).

They are professional training programs designed to prepare educators and teachers to guide children as they encounter science, technology, engineering, and math early in their everyday lives, and to help them develop their potential. These courses will demystify the teaching of STEM activities. Based on the Awesome Science curriculums and programs, the training will offer theoretical and practical classes over six months.

The courses are a complete approach to early childhood STEM education, which prepare teachers to not only be confident but familiar with the theoretical bases of science, technology, engineering and math as well as all practical aspects of classroom teaching. The teacher training deals with the principles and methodologies of our founder–director with complete focus on the ways of teaching as an Awesome Science teacher, who plays many roles as she directs, assists and guides her students to develop foundational skills.


Science4Future believes that scientific progress is vital to the future of humankind. This statement is an essential part of our core values and mission to ensure that our children are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge for a brighter future, thereby promoting a sustainable future for humanity.

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