BioGreen Scientist Curriculums

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Our pioneering curriculums help teachers educate children in four disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through interactive hands-on fun experiments related to the real world. These activities help teachers understand how to weave knowledge across STEM disciplines, and how to support children in their learning by encouraging them to solve problems through their own thinking. They encourage children to ask questions and make predictions, comparisons, deductions, and inferences as they discover their environment. Our curriculums integrate children’s learning within and across disciplines while encouraging them to think in a more integrated and universal way, and develop problem-solving abilities that can be applied to any aspect of their lives or education.


Science4Future believes that scientific progress is vital to the future of humankind. This statement is an essential part of our core values and mission to ensure that our children are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge for a brighter future, thereby promoting a sustainable future for humanity.

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