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The Little Science Expert Book
The Big Childhood Curriculum

I am pleased to present this children’s book to parents, educators, and any person all over the world who loves and cares for the little ones. This innovative book, Little Science Expert: The Big Childhood Curriculum offers children of all ages an enjoyable and practical way to learn science. These 54 lessons involve the children with hands-on adventures in the magical world of science while helping them discover and relate to their environment. These experiences help children grow up to be happy, emotionally and socially healthy, while fostering creative thinking skills that will help them in learn throughout their school years and beyond.



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The Big Childhood Curriculum”

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Science4Future believes that scientific progress is vital to the future of humankind. This statement is an essential part of our core values and mission to ensure that our children are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge for a brighter future, thereby promoting a sustainable future for humanity.

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