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Our fantastic book collection is the best guide for teachers and parents to educate children in the process of learning science throughout STEM activities. Our books for home, are the perfect tool for parents who want to share the wonders of science with their children while spending time together, strengthening relationships, enhancing communication, and contributing to their cognitive, emotional, and social development.  Our books for school are aligned and articulated with our curriculum, and facilitate the creation of harmonious teamwork between teachers and parents to assist and support children in their learning process.


The Little Curious One™ at Home

The Little Sci-Whiz™ at Home

The Little Science Expert™ at Home

The Little Curious One™ at School

The Little Sci-Whiz™ at School

The Little Science Expert™ at School

The Little Science Expert™: An Early Childhood Curriculum


Science4Future believes that scientific progress is vital to the future of humankind. This statement is an essential part of our core values and mission to ensure that our children are fully equipped with the proper tools and knowledge for a brighter future, thereby promoting a sustainable future for humanity.

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